Hi, I’m Michael. I’m a filmmaker, podcaster and all around creativity enthusiast.

I love creating no matter what the medium because as we all know, creativity knows no bounds. However, I’m currently focusing on building my film portfolio through telling meaningful stories, whether it be for authentic brands or interesting individuals.

On my 14th birthday I was lucky enough to receive a small pocket video camera. I remember filming everything from family gatherings to little adventures with my friends. This is where my passion for creativity really began to grow.

I began my actual career as an advertising creative in 2013. After studying Marketing and Advertising at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, I also studied and graduated from the extremely challenging AWARD school of creativity. My education was a great primer but I soon discovered that in life, there’s no better teacher than failure through real experience.

I then worked in the creative departments for a handful of different advertising agencies. My job was to come up with ideas and lots of them.I helped a variety of brands big and small tell their stories in a way that played on unique consumer insights. I took these campaigns from conception all the way to fruition, won a bunch of awards (including the much sought after Cannes Lion for Creativity), met a lot of talented people and had a lot of fun!

One day though, I just had enough. All the things that I had previously aspired towards didn’t seem so bright and shiny anymore. The monotonous routine of the daily 9-5 grind started seeming like too much to handle and I thought to myself “am I really spending my life like this?”.  I wanted to break free and be true with how I felt and follow my instincts. Unsure of my next direction I put all my time and energy into further developing something I love, my film making.

I started a podcast called The Good People Effect, on a mission to learn and grow from as many different people with interesting life experiences. Three main areas I was particularly interested in were adventure, creativity and purpose. My aim was not only to grow from these conversations but to also share them with others who may have the same intention to grow.

I also began the Todaydreamer project, which represents my way of taking action in my life and the notion that any day could be your last on this wonderful planet. I mean, if you’re not going to take action today, be honest with yourself about what you want from your life and follow how you feel then when will you?

So, here we are. I’ve now found a way to combine my love of film making with my passion for creative thinking. I now travel the world in search of new adventures and real stories yearning to be told.

If you’re interested in working together, please get in touch!