It’s what happens when you surround yourself with the right people to help you grow. The show is based on three main pillars: creativity, adventure and purposeful living.

My intention is to create positive momentum of change in the direction of real human growth. I believe that by sharing insightful stories, considering unique perspectives and taking a glimpse into the lives and minds of good people through deep conversations, we have the opportunity to open ourselves up to immense inner growth that can be later injected back into this crazy world.

This is more than just another podcast. It’s an energy of intentional growth that’s been manifested from the beauty of the creative spirit, the call for adventure and the power of purposeful living. It’s a tool for growth and it’s accessible for all that are
open to listen.

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Hi! I’m Michael.

I think I have a lot to share with the world, and most definitely a lot to learn. Some of my life’s biggest influences include: working in the creative departments of advertising agencies, a sense of spirituality brought about by growing up with a fortune teller as a mother, travel adventures focused on unique experiences rather than tourist attractions, and consuming copious amounts of as much self-development material I could get my hands on. There’s a special feeling that only comes from having a truly great conversation though. I don’t mean a standard chat. I mean a real, deep, meaningful, thought provoking, multi-directional, super-interesting conversation that makes you feel something real. You learn, you grow, and it’s just a great time.

Well, after having many of these convos I finally decided It was time to share some of them.

Now I spend a decent portion of my focus and energy on having more of these conversations - because that’s what I truly enjoy doing.