GPE014 - GET INSPIRED! Creativity, art & following your passion!

An inspiring chat about following your passion with Australian artist, Danielle Weber!

In this fresh episode, we gain unique insights into the life of a painter. I speak to Australian artist Danielle Weber and she shares her secrets on gathering inspiration, her creative process, art, passion and doing what you love. We speak about doing what you love and building a life around that. We also discuss some of the challenges we face as creatives and how to push past that and become a better, more self-aware version of ourselves. Touching on life lessons we briefly discuss drugs and alcohol and experiences Dani has had growing up that have made her the woman she is today. This is a light, fun, creative and artistic look at a great artist and her creative process when it comes to creating new paintings. Hope you enjoy our chat!

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Check out Dani’s artwork:

Here’s here wonderful Instagram! @daniellesartworkofficial

Danielle's artwork official

GPE0013 - A Buddhist monk shares his secrets to happiness

A Buddhist Monk's secrets to happiness

Join me as I chat with Buddhist Monk, Kelsang Dornying about life, mindfulness, Buddhism, happiness and cultivating a more peaceful state of being. I’m also inviting you to take part in a very special GUIDED MEDITATION with Kelsang Dornying and I at the very end of the podcast (1:08:27).

Here are some ways I believe this specific episode can help you:

  • Gain some actionable tips on living a happier more mindful life

  • Get a unique insight into Buddhism and the positive states of mind it cultivates

  • Get a Buddhist Monk’s perspective on the world and how it’s changing

  • Feel calmer, happier and more connected to the universe

  • Enjoy a 5-minute guided meditation at the end of the podcast!

Podcast Overview: In this deep, relaxing and peaceful conversation with Buddhist Monk, Kelsang Dornying (from the Kadampa Meditation Centre), we cover topics like how to live a happier more fulfilled life, mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism, anticipation, love and living in the moment. Lessons within this discussion will help you lead a happier, more content life if you put them into action.

Kelsang Dornying explains why a lot of people wander aimlessly through life, searching for happiness and never truly finding it. He then gives actionable advice on how to become a more peaceful, fulfilled and happier person (today!). He breaks down his concepts in this podcast and gives some great analogies that really help to explain his thoughts and ideas. If you’ve ever been interested in meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism and cultivating a calmer, more focused mind, then this self-development podcast episode will be great for you!

We also discuss Buddhism, Buddhist teachings, secrets to happiness and the Buddhist path to enlightenment. We touch on the certain states of mind that cultivate a happier way of being. Living in the moment and realising that we’re all impermanent. We talk about things like how at any given day at any given time life could end and the importance of really living your life to the fullest as you may not be here tomorrow.

This conversation goes deep and this description does not come close to doing it justice, so please tune in and let me know what you think in the comments section below! Do you agree with Kelsang Dornying and the Buddhist way of thinking and being? Why, why not?

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Kadampa Meditation Centre

Kelsang Dornying

Mindfulness and Meditation -  Gen Kelsang Dorning 

A 5-minute introduction to Buddhism



GPE008 – Find out your life purpose, while also exploring your inner creativity!

Episode Thumbs109.jpg

Creativity chats w/ International Creative & Corporate Coach Chloe Boreham!

In this unique episode, I talk creativity with international creative life coach Chloe Boreham and discuss her life strategies for self improvement, motivation, organisation and well-being. Feel free to eaves drop and you may even discover your life’s purpose! We talk about how to find your life’s purpose, what to look out on your journey that can really push you forward. We talk creativity, creative expression, different creative outlets and we discuss the importance of being brave in order to develop yourself as a person. We talk life coaching, personal development, diving into the unknown, living a purposeful life, being adventurous with your decision making and just going for it with fun and enthusiasm.

Kanban organisation boards

CB Creative Coaching 

More about Chloe here!

GPE005 - (Minisode!) Short, Sweet Bluesy Hang Drum + Guitar Jam with the talented Sebby Guerrera

A little mix of hang drum (handpan) and guitar!

Thought I’d break up the episodes with this super short snippet from one of my recent jams with the very talented Sebastian Guerrera. It’s a strange combination of the handpan and Sebby’s 1957 Gibson Les Paul, and I think it kind of works! Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback on any of the eps so far, or any suggestion for future eps feel free to hit me up anytime

Episode Thumbs106.jpg

GPE002 - How to become a kinder, happy person today

Episode Thumbs103.jpg

This episode touches on creating good vibes and making a positive change in your life, and in the life of others through kindness.

This episode features a chat with the very lovely Eden Violet. We explore kindness and talk about how to make a positive change in your life and become a happier person.
We also talk positive habits, how to form them and how when you do an act of kindness, both parties get something positive from it. There’s a section where we go into creative expression, creativity in general and why it’s so good for the soul. And Eden goes into detail about her charity initiative, Little Foot & Co, which hosts creative, fun, care-free and safe spaces to encourage youth to be themselves and grow. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this self-improvement episode, that will hopefully motivate you to become an
even better person.


Little Foot & Co - Creative spaces for people to connect, have fun, learn and grow

Eden's Poem - 'Moonlit'

The 30 Best Food Documentaries That You Can Watch Right Now


GPE000 - So What's "The Good People Effect"?!

Welcome to The Good People Effect Podcast

This is a short introductory episode that will give you a little background on who I am, why I started the show and what The Good People Effect is all about.

Please check it out as it's a great warm up to the show. Hope you love it!



Episode Thumbs10.jpg