GPE001 - Those personal growth through experience chats!

Let’s talk personal development, the importance of moderation and good times!

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In this laid-back episode, I have an exciting conversation with Jay Pietro, the Creative Director of Evolve Digital Media. We touch on some interesting insights to do with personal growth through experiences, passion, creativity, adventure and travel. We also explore Jay’s love for cinematography and film, while also looking into health and well-being techniques. This is a relaxed chat that goes off in a few different directions, but hopefully it will motivate you to adopt a growth mindset, embrace openness and pursue your passions, and interests!


Evolve Digital Media

Stairway to Heaven (Hawaii)

Butterbox Canyoning Adventure (Blue Mountains)

2018 Cherry Blossom Forecast (Japan)

Little Ramen Bar (Melbourne)

The Wim Hof Technique 

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