GPE006 - Getting motivated, planning your future & living a life of awesomeness.

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In this super chilled episode, Josh Carrell and I discuss creative inspiration.

We talk about ways to push yourself through procrastination and how to start motivating yourself and the people around you to do more and be more. We divulge a few personal growth tips and tricks, about sharing and goal setting. We also talk about inspiration, confidence, new beginnings, career change, the 9-5 grind and the light at the end of the tunnel that’s obtainable by all of us. We discuss the fear of public speaking and brave moments that take us beyond what we tell ourselves we’re capable of. There’s also a sweet little spoken word piece of Josh’s thrown in there as a little treat towards the end of the episode!


Little Foot & Co

"I Say Ghost" Spoken Word Piece - Josh Carell