GPE009 - How you can do more good in the world & become a better human!

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Helping people make a real difference

In this super sweet episode I chat with Michael Dello-lacovo, a PhD candidate in space science who specialises in asteroids, the former CEO of Effective Altruism Australia and host of the Morality is Hard podcast. We talk about some of the problems in today's world and how we, as everyday people, can help make a difference. We speak about what Effective Altruism is, a little about effective charities and positive initiatives around the world and how to get involved. We also talk space, the universe and asteroids as this is what Michael has studied for quite some time now! If you want to be a better, more giving, more helping, more charitable person, and use your life to make a strong impact on this planet, then this is the episode for you my friend.


The Why & How of Effective Altruism - Peter Singer 

Michael Dello-Lacovo - Morality is Hard podcast 

What is Effective Alruism?