Motivating stories & how to start feeling empowered in your life

Inspired Evolution Podcast Host Amrit Sandhu

In this inspired episode, I discuss the true power of positive changes with the host of the personal development podcast, Inspired Evolution. Amrit runs a podcast that’s dedicated to helping people live a life that is empowered with the love for life! We talk meditation and building an effective meditation habit (Amrit used to be a meditation teacher so he knows a thing or two on the topic!). We also discuss the power of defining your values, fulfillment, quitting negative habits and Amrit’s personal journey with quitting alcohol, and making positive changes to change your life’s overall trajectory! If you’re into meditation, personal development and growth, positivity and travel stories then I know you’ll walk away with an inspired mindset after hearing this chat. Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave a review on iTunes if you liked it and check out Amrit’s amazing podcast!