Start Finishing Stuff That Matters

How to get from idea to done w/ Charlie Gilkey from the Productive Flourishing  self improvement podcast.

Ever wanted to know how to become more organized and productive? Productivity, planning, optimizing and doing your life's 'best work' are the topics of this creative chat with Charlie Gilkey from Productive Flourishing. We talk about his upcoming book "Start Finishing; How to get from idea to done". We also speak about the 5 things that hold you back from where you are to where you want to be. We discuss projects and how to optimize the way you work. 

This chat is for you if:

- You want to be more organised with getting more of the stuff done that matters

- You finding yourself starting but never finishing projects 

- You want to start doing your life's best work 

- You're just keen to check out the first episode of Season 2

I've decided to launch Season 2 of this conscious growth podcast with this episode because I feel this show is my attempt at doing my best work. I really hope you get something out of it!

Show Notes Links

Charlie’s new book is available at his website:
Productive Flourishing

Check out the detailed blog post on doing your “BEST WORK” here:
How to Start Finishing the Stuff That Matters

Become more productive with Charlie Gilkey from Productive Flourishing