GPE012 – Travel advice & philosophy you can’t afford to miss!

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Travel tips and advice from hosts of The World Wanderers podcast

Hosts of The World Wanderers podcast talk travel + transitioning to a nomadic lifestyle If you’re travelling anytime soon, this is the episode for you! Join me as I talk with the extremely well-traveled hosts of The World Wanderers Podcast. We speak about their journey, travel tips and tricks (including how to budget abroad, how to pack, the right mindset for travel, travel philosophy and much much more!). We had a chat about world travel and discussed their journey, their mindset, becoming a nomad and exactly how they created a life for themselves that they’re now super passionate and enthusiastic about. This is an episode that will hopefully inspire you to travel more, learn a new language for the fun of it, and push your boundaries with what ever you choose to pursue in life. If you’re after adventure stories, travel tips and hacks, travel advice, chilled vibes and a good listen, then tune in because this one’s a great one!

The World Wanderers